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3 large textures [June 26th, 2007]
Long time no post, however I've finished all of my exams now so lots of time for appropriate postage of goods methinks.

3 large textures for you guys today. In tiny snapshot preview form, because they're taken from my website (apologies).




Huge thanks to gender for the great resources used for this lot.

Normal guidelines apply, folks, just common sense as per.
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Resource list [May 30th, 2007]
I should have done this first, but I was a bit lazy last night and never got around to it. So this will be my resource list, which I will add to as I go along.

Non LJ sites:

Livejournal pages
Huge thanks goes to gender because I get a lot of raw resources from there, and is also a great resource maker.
Another great resource maker is peachinparis, the products of which I use frequently.
Also let me introduce to you indienotebook, who is a good friend and also makes the most beautiful icons and resources.

So those are my main three. I also use resources from:

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Patterns ahoy! [May 30th, 2007]
Okay, so I have more junk to offload on you. Can I just say, thank you so much for the comments and stuff in the past day, it's really encouraging because when you have a website, people don't tend to drop by just to say they're using stuff, and say thanks at the same time. A bit refreshing. So cheers.

So, new stuff. Downloads and more exclusives behind the cut. (Some of these you won't find on my website for ages.)

1 pattern zip set. I'm not that good at making patterns just yet but someone might find use for them instead of them collecting dust on my hard drive. There are more in the set than shown, I only have teeny previews.

1 handdrawn floral brushset for CS2, image pack available too. Featured in my previews, and as someone asked, I'm putting them up.

Three more icon texture packs, one teaser preview here, the rest behind the cut.

So, as I said, downloads and other stuff behind the cut. It'd be lovely if you comment if you decide to take, and link me at some point, but that's totally at your discretion, I don't mind really.

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The first lot of many. [May 29th, 2007]
So. Icon textures aplenty. First five zips, but I have about 15 more to upload... may wait for another day. Download links behind the cut.
I'd really love it if you could credit my LJ, because I'm a bit of a saddact.
(I can admit it.)

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The first icons I've made in several aeons. [May 29th, 2007]
I forgot how much I loved iconmaking, but also how difficult it is when you're used to making gargantuan graphics like me.
Only four, but they're my tentative steps, haha.

Feel free to use, credit would be lovely and all that cool beans. I'm sure the images were from foto_decadent, because let's face it, what isn't?
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Here to pollute the internet further! [May 29th, 2007]
I've decided that my sprawling beast of a website wasn't enough online pollution, hence I've created this little journal.
I'm not sure, to be honest. But I fancied one.

Wait, there is a reason. I swear.
I'm going to put predominantly icon-based resources here, as my site doesn't tend to cater for the iconmaker, so a lot of it is going to be pretty exclusive. It'll be full of icon textures, brushes and random icondumps as and when I feel the desire. I'm also looking to make new friends on here outside of the normal site circuit, which I've found is getting really quite stale.

I'm working on building up my credits but bear with me, as I'm still pretty much a LJ virgin.
For once.

(Friendage is quite adored, by the way.)

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